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A coach is…a guardian of integrity

By Percy Chong, 14th January 2016

Who is a coach? And what is the value that a coach brings?

Recently, ASG have been working with a prospective client who was enquiring about our coaching services. When the poignant question was posed, we did not respond to the questions immediately. In fact, it took us a couple of moments before we could articulate a respond that encapsulate the value that our role brings to coachees.

‘A coach is a guardian of our coachees’ integrity, and in turn, a catalyst for the release of their potential’.

Strip off the fancy coaching methodologies, swanky titles and learned certifications; what lies in the middle of the practice is the sensibility to response to the coachees’ needs, with steely determination to keep them on track. Especially when they have short changed their potential, or have started to show signs of shifting objectives, often triggered by the intense heat of the challenges.

Both internal and external influences, big or small, will manifest itself as ‘legitimate’ reasons to detract the coahcees from their intended goals. Absent of an anchor, it will be left to the coach to provide the pillar of support to hold the coachees to their integrity.

These supports are not always welcome. But with the arrival of breakthrough, they often become the defining experience that binds the coach and coachee together for lifelong trust.

Strangely, the release or expansion of one’s potential rarely happens, until our integrity is put to the test. And many individuals rarely fulfill their rightful destiny, because they fall short when trying to deal with it alone.  

Growth requires some measure of pain and sacrifice, even on the part of the coach. Few care to see or even realised that it is an equally challenging task, for a coach to keep his coachee plug-in, when the going gets tough. And it is even easier for coaches to throw in the towel with little or no personal interest at stake. The coach’s personal integrity too, may also be put on trial under trying situation!

A ‘Guardian’ therefore, is not a loosely used word to pitch for another coaching assignment. It is a serious role to consider, especially when one is faced with the risk of sliding down the slippery slope, of a compromised integrity.

Finally, consider the value of your integrity and whether it is worthy of upholding.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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