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Those who can’t sell should really teach! 

By Percy Chong, 27th August 2015

Those who can’t do sales should really teach!

This is probably the best advice that any coach could offer up to any struggling or backsliding salespersons. But what could extra teaching duties possibly do?

It certainly is not part of an elaborate punishment, but it stems from the beliefs that the best learning is in contribution! It is in sharing, guiding and mentoring that we reflect on our true self, as well as the depth of the situation, or subject matter to finally arrive at a clear head and possibly a renewed heart.

ASG has noticed the appointment of mentor or supervisor responsibilities (for the care and guidance of “newbies” in sales), have often brought out the best from the individual. Their growth and maturity are noticeable after their tours. They usually reflect better because they learned to reflect for others; and they blossom to become better or more successful salesperson after their supervisory stint.

These new mentors are forced to confront sales lessons or principles previously taught that often fails to make sense or come alive for themselves. And this phenomenon has very much to do with our individual learning styles. Individual learning style often blocks trainees from the real lessons. Trainees often pick the knowledge that is apparent or appeals to them. The most efficacious learning therefore comes from circumventing beyond one’s learning style to acquire the intended message.

And when new mentors start to relearn (with a new eye) to teach, they are essentially focus on (learning for others) picking up the unadulterated knowledge to impart to their juniors.

Objectively, the benefits to the new mentors may far outweigh that to the newbies; because the new mentors are often lacking in the training and facilitation competence to impart effectively. But the impact of a short mentoring stint to the new mentors will be invaluable and even life changing for some.

Perhaps only those in teaching or learning and development position would be able to fully appreciate ASG’s insights. But considered giving extra mentoring duties to the sales consultants who are challenged, and it will remove their blinkers from learning to jump start their flagging career.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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