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The Upside of Quitting!

By Percy Chong, 20th August 2015

“Winners don’t quit, and quitters never win”! Or do they?

We grew up listening to such power phrases, and it is no surprise that they have crept into our unconscious to become our unofficial creed.

After guiding, training and coaching numerous candidates, ASG is convinced that there are merits to quitting, especially in the selling profession! And we found ourselves the unenviable task of trying to explain to some candidates that quitting can put them ahead.

But, how do you convince anyone the benefits of quitting? Whatever happen to discipline and staying long enough will get you to their goals?

Our recommendation seems to go against all known conventions…and deaf ears many times! But we are resolute in our beliefs that not everyone is made for the selling profession. Hard work alone without the right attributes will not harvest the desired outcome. ASG acknowledge that there are some inspiring success stories of salespersons, who against all odds achieve great success despite not having the right attributes. But these examples are far and few between. And sadly, it is this handful of success stories that is perpetuating the one dimensional truth to all these motivation sayings.

We have witnessed a few generations of salespersons (new as well as existing ones) struggled and trapped by this universally accepted credo. Chugging along, hopeful of a breakthrough that will turn things around. And in the end, many will still arrive at the same eventual outcome…exit!

So much potential has been wasted on a “silly” notion that “quitters never win” and not enough is considered about the other requirements that are necessary for results (these requirements/ attributes will be discuss in separate ASG articles). They could have been channeled to other professions where they are a better fit and start making progress, or contributions.

The right profiling tools/strategy is the key to identifying or minimising wasted resources and plenty of unnecessary heartaches. It would be foolhardy to think that sticking to yours guns for some motivational phrases will get you to your desire outcome, if you do not even fit the role.

So before you start adopting any new power phrases as your personal motto, please contextualise them. There are just too many dimensions to these phrases, not mentioning the myriad of variables to take everything in “blindly”. And remember the unique value or quality that each individual possess, where everyone definitely has his special place in the sun. We just need to find it!

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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