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Have you had enough? Are you ready to jumpstart your sales career?

By Percy Chong, 18th June 2015

ASG have coached numerous sales people over the years, and have observed a common denominator amongst the salespersons who achieved phenomenal breakthrough.

On top of them demonstrating great resolve and desire for breakthrough (as full paying coachee/customer putting money where their mouth is); almost all of them had arrived at the same inflection point where they have “had enough with their situation”! Their pain and frustration for poor results or not getting any headway in their career, it all seems to culminate to a point of do or die. And they are the most desirable coachee that any coach would dream of working with.

This universally recognised desire has often been dubbed the “hunger” by practitioners on the field. But this internal propellant does not happen by chance, it is the fruit that comes from a decision that is made with great clarity, determination and strength.

The decision removes all inhibition and it brings about a single-minded focus that comes from the total surrender to only one’s goal. The relentless pursuit for the goals will consume and drive the coachee forward. Behavioural changes and making of personal sacrifices are also observable signs of their internal resolution.

When a coachee is serious about surrendering everything (even his life) to his cause, nothing can hold him back! Fear, insecurity, self-limitation, doubts, roadblocks, reservations and half measure efforts will quickly dissipate.

Sadly, the power or importance of decision making has often been downplayed. Decision has been diluted and loosely used in our age where option is abundant. When things don’t work out, most simply make a new decision to abandon the old and adopt the new. Many are unapologetic about it and consider it as a minor inconvenience. And consequences are far from their thoughts.

Therefore, decisions made in marriage, career, religion etc, have all suffered in this highly fluid environment of choice. With commitment anchored on loose sands, few can really benefit from the immense power derived from decisions!

Harness your power of decision making…”have you had enough of mediocre results or struggling to make ends meet? And are you ready to make your decision to jumpstart your sales career today?”

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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