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What is the Best Time for Prospecting Activities?

By Percy Chong, 9th April 2015

Is there a best time for prospecting activities? What is the best available time for sales calls and appointments?

What about the Monday morning meetings time slots that seems prevalent in today’s corporate and business environment, has it become the red herring for prospecting calls or appointments?

ASG has observed many salespersons offering up the same excuse that it is not productive to make their calls on Monday morning, or Friday afternoon. Although there are some truths to this naturally evolved phenomenon, but have the salespersons’ turn this occurrence into a self-fulfilling prophesy?

Are there not situations or opportunities for prospecting during these “unproductive” hours? Have this age old stereotyping inadvertently introduce some limiting conditions to our prospecting strategies?

ASG subscribes to a more balanced approach when dichotomising our time for prospecting activities. The prospecting activities should never be centered on this common phenomenon, but it should also consider the market that the salesperson is operating in.

There are a wide variety of markets that does not “follow” this prevalent norm. The introduction of more flexible work hours or arrangements has also contributed to a more diverse work culture and routine for prospective clients.

The Financial Services industry is one such example that saw and benefitted from this new workplace changes. More sales consultant are able to meet with their prospective clients on these previously “unproductive” hours compared to their predecessors. Appointments used to be concentrated only in the evenings and weekends. And prospecting activities today have been liberated beyond these “fixed” timing.

Research and study the market that you are operating in to devise an operational method and process that is suitable for it. Do not allow the experience of the past to condition your prospecting activities. Each market will have its own peculiar routine, and the fundamental rule for all salespersons is to remember, when deciding with their prospecting schedules, “when your prospects are free, you should be busy”.

Efficient salespersons are usually busy meeting their prospect and capitalising on the prospects’ “down” time. They are masters of time management and they never allow themselves to be restricted to any activity pre-conditions. They are able to integrate their operation schedules and even change their personal lifestyle (if required), to suit and blend it with their prospecting golden hour!

So before you write-off your Monday mornings and Friday afternoons from your prospecting activities, pleases study and identify your target market’s unique operating schedules and “sacrifice” some personal space if necessary, to make your prospecting activity scheduling complement both yours as well as your prospect’s lives. Remember, “When your  prospects are free, you should be busy”.
Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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