Selling for Success
Sales like any other discipline can be mastered, all it takes is the understanding of the selling principles, applying a little creativity and injecting a healthy dose of practice through constant sales activities.

We aim to provide guidance in all these 3 areas to set you on your selling success!
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Our Expertise

  • SALES TRAINING (on traditional training medium as well as Webinar platform)
  • SALES COACHING (on traditional training medium as well as Webinar platform)
  • SALES ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT (on traditional training medium as well as Webinar platform)

Sales Training

We conduct all topics of sales training, covering the entire selling process. The topics range from:
  • Prospecting (Recognising Your Market & Self Potential for Business Leads Generation)
  • Approach (Principles of Approach & the various Operational Methods)
  • Handling Objections (Representing Your Prospect’s Interest when Responding to their Queries)
  • Fact-finding (Opening Business Opportunity through Identifying Prospect’s Needs)
  • Closing (Recognising the Closing Signals)
  • Referrals (Principles of Leveraging & Developing Multiple Passive Pipelines)

Sales Coaching

We offer both 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching services (ie. small group size) for a more targeted approach to unlock the sales professional’s latent potential; as well as their rapid skills and knowledge learning enhancement.

Sales Activity Management

We take over the management and driving of the sales person/team’s sales activity reporting, to assist the organisation arrive at its set goals/objectives. Depending on situation, new reporting matrix and tools may be developed and introduced to the sales person/team to facilitate activity monitoring and review. Critical performance benchmarking will also be established as part of the project, for standards alignment between the sales person/ team and the “reviewer”.

Sales Process Development

We analyse and develop the sales process for organisation who either does not have one, or have a need for customised sales process because of their specialise products and services.

Curriculum Development

We develop bespoke sales training curriculum for organisation with unique requirements, who also aspire to have greater control and self-sufficiency with the training and development of their sales team. Train-the-trainer programmes are also built-in as part of the curriculum development project.

Sales Concept Development

We develop sales concept for new products and services launches, for a more consistent and effective sales presentation. A consistent presentation not only enhances greater brand recognition, it also gives ease to the transferability of sales presentation skills and knowledge.

Paradigm Shifter

We conduct speaking engagement targeted at shifting the paradigm of sales professional to remove any limiting pre-conditions or perceptions, to allow the innate potential of the participants to come through and achieve quantum jump in productivity.
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