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What Top Producers continually say or do for themselves?

By Percy Chong, 2nd April 2015

They may look like us, speak like us and sometimes even dress like us. However, we all know that top producers are anything but common. The sales results of these special individuals are phenomenal; and they often leave their compatriots in awe or envy, and many times wondering how they do it.

So, what makes them so different or special that sets them apart from everyone else?

On closer inspection and numerous interviews later, ASG identified a common denominator among these champions. What sets them apart, is what they constantly tell themselves (ie. their self-talk) and constantly do for themselves (ie. their action or execution orientation); and their relentless pursuits for results and perfection.

To summed up, the source of their unrelenting drive to perfection and results, is manifested from them constantly asking (ie. “How can I do it a little better?”); and pushing themselves (ie. what do I need to get done to achieve my goals?)…their pursuit for the prize!

And a pitfall that so many other falls prey to, while the producer’s avoid, is the greatest “lie” that we often tell ourselves that “we are alright”, and “we are doing thing correctly”, or “we are on the right track”, even when we are not getting the results! The producers will never succumb themselves to such “lies”.

Sales performance is probably the most objective and unbiased discipline. If we are not getting results, it’s only because we are not doing it right! And results therefore, are linked directly to the right set of actions.

The producers are either aware of these facts, or they are naturally predisposed to act according to these sets of principles.

So, when they are not getting results, they automatically consider if something is wrong and sometimes even question the status quo. They seek to understand and learn the requirements integral for success and results, and work unceasingly towards delivering these conditions.

Because of their unique disposition, they avoid falling into the most common trap, that working hard alone is the guaranteed ticket to success!

ASG have observed many aspiring producers “stuck” in the mindset of having tried their best or have worked very hard, and they often lament that their best is just not good enough. Most have failed to conceive that they have a crippling mental block that is obstructing them.  And they chose to attribute the lack of talent or luck as their disabling factor and most would leave even before fighting the real culprit.

The key principle to improving their situation therefore lies with them being open and realising that there is something wrong with them when they are not getting results. They need to consider the reality that their “best efforts” may not have been correct or delivered appropriately. There is no joy in repeating their “best efforts” over and over again, without realising their need to change, early in the game!

Sales success comes to those who are sensitive of their own misgivings and work at fixing all of them. And top producers are one such expert in doing that. They managed to find the key or formula to making things work for themselves.

Few people are born with the right attributes for sales success. For the rest of us normal folks, we only need to understand the requirements of the task and adjust ourselves until we are perfected for the role! So, beware of this biggest “lie” that you can tell yourself; and introduce “truth” into your thought and execution process and you will be on your way to becoming a top producer yourself.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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