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Be Careful of Your Dominant Thoughts

By Percy Chong, 26th March 2015

We are what we constantly think about. The results from these dominant thoughts would influence our emotions and propel us towards our vision and goals.

It is therefore safe to conclude that our entire being moves in the same direction as our dominant thoughts. Positive thoughts will manifest positive experience and positive self-expectancy, and the overall well-being of an individual. While negative thoughts almost always, will invite a string of negative experiences and less desirable results!

ASG has observed salespersons trap in the endless spiral of “bad luck” because they focused only on the negative aspect of their situation. And what ensues is that every follow-up action, from sales calls to the presentation seems to be plagued with negativity, or a lack of conviction and confidence. And prospects and clients recognises that, and there is no prize for guessing the final outcome of these pitches.

On the flipside, ASG observed salespersons who adopted a more positive stance. When dealt with the similar situation (ie. “Poor” quality market, “over-used” leads, “expensive” products, “unreasonably” high sales targets etc), these individuals who are able to have a paradigm shift in their thoughts towards a more positive perception of their situation, experience little or no stress and their effectiveness increased. This is evident in their sales that they bring in.

They see great opportunity in the “poor” quality market when others see none; they are excited with the prospect that only a handful of salespersons would choose to call into these markets and they would have the lion’s share of the market.

They see the “over-used” leads as wonderful opportunity to snag those sales because so many before them have sold to these “qualified” prospects and are still continually prospecting them for their buying potential.

Of course these are but some examples of the power of paradigm shifts (more will be discussed in other articles). And the key focus of this topic is not about paradigm shift, but our dominant thoughts. Though they appear the same, they have striking differences.

Our dominant thoughts are like penetrative laser beam. When focused, it will bring together our entire being…our conscious and unconscious (ie. sub conscious) will come together and direct us towards our vision. And for this reason, individual with no purpose will not have any dominant thoughts; and with the absence of dominant thoughts, there will not be any clear visions or directions to drive us towards achieving anything.

Needless to say, the first step to nurturing the dominant thoughts starts with having a defined purpose. However, it is just not good enough to rely on our thoughts. Dominant thoughts need to be followed through with actions…to actualise these thoughts and train ourselves to continually walk this journey, until the visions and directions are etched deeply into our psyche; it will consume us and gravitate us towards our goals.

And the positive inertia created (with positive thoughts) will continue to gather momentum and fuelled positive emotions, and in turn, right ideas and actions will naturally make their way into our day.

With so much riding on having positive and purposeful dominant thoughts, we need to reassess if we are putting the right things in our head and whether it is meaningful to us…so be careful of your own thoughts!
Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)

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