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Discover Yourself through Selling

By Percy Chong, 28th January 2015

Any job, interest or experience whether big or small, will allow any individual who genuinely pursues it, an opportunity to discover himself in the process.

The sales career is no different. In fact, few careers will come close to delivering the full spectrum of experiences, which will reveal the good, the bad and the ugliness within any individual. The nature of the role requires the salesperson to actively step out of his comfort zone; it challenges oneself to overcome both internal as well as external environment around him. And this ever changing and unforgiving environment is amplified with the constant objections and rejections; it dishes out much more hard knocks than most other pursuits.

And whether one stays to fight, or flee and hide, the personal message from this outcome is equally telling. Through this journey of self discovery, from the start, midway till the end, each stage presents very distinct learning experience. It also offers the opportunity to constantly recalibrate our self, who we are, what we stand for and what we finally become.

These experiences will penetrate our entire being and work its way into our personality, character and values. It will reveal and reaffirm our understanding of our styles and temperament, and remind us that no two salespersons are really alike. And it will also rock our foundation, leaving us tormented and questioning the resolute to our task versus succumbing to kickbacks and unsavoury practices.

Every laughter and tear shed will have its personal meaning, and some will become the defining experience that will shape the course of our live. And although few pursuits will offer such genuine opportunity for liberation, this roller coaster ride has left many regretting ever getting on in the first place.

But for the genuine truth seekers eager to uncover oneself, the ride will be rewarding as it is life changing!

Words like goals, success, mission statements, philosophy, will come alive! They will no longer be “empty” catchphrases that we use to motivate ourselves, but the seat of inspiration that our dreams and desire are anchored on.

To end off this essay that expresses so much heartfelt experiences, ASG would like to take a leaf from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

“That Caesar is more dangerous than he. We are two lions littered in one day, and I the elder and more terrible. And Caesar shall go forth.”
(In modern text: Danger knows that Caesar is more dangerous than he is. We’re two lions born on the same day in the same litter, and I‘m the older and more terrible. I will go.)

So much can be felt from this quote, the strength from self knowledge and the conviction that it brings, it all seems to echo throughout this essay. Take a step into this journey of self discovery and uncover the lion that you are meant to be.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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