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How Astrology Seems to Impact Our Success?

By Percy Chong, 28th January 2014

For the uninitiated, Capricorn or January Effect is a jargon commonly used in the investment or stock market scene. It refers to the tendency for the stock market to rise in the month of January. This occurrence has been observed over many years.

Of course there are some logical reasons behind this ‘phenomenon’. Some attribute it to the individuals investing their year-end bonuses in stocks in January. While others attribute it to investors (especially those in United States where there are capital gains tax), opting to sell their stocks before the year-end to claim capital loss for tax purpose.

But what has this Capricorn Effect got to do with the rest of us?

The answers can be found in the gym.

Regular gym goers might have observed that the gyms are usually more crowded at the start of the year. And the participation numbers seem to consistently drop as the month wears on. Again, there must be logical explanation for these spikes. For that, we would like to hazard 3 probable reasons for this occurrence:

  1. The binge eating and drinking at the year-end holiday seasons have triggered the need to manage our weight and waistline;
  2. The once a year phenomenon of making New Year’s resolution for a more healthy lifestyle or a more trim figure;
  3. It is purely coincidental and there is a cosmic force that draws more people to gym at the start of every year.

Well, it does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that the probable explanation lies in the first 2 theories, and perhaps even a combination of both. But what is really peculiar has to do with why we need to wait for the year-end or the start of the New Year before making any positive changes to our lives? What is the allure of the New Year’s resolution that makes it more effective over the resolutions made over other time?

Let’s revisit the gym example again to explore if the solutions lie within there.

These non-regular January gym rats often comes in all shape and size…no pun intended. Some have been seen dressed to kill in their swanky sports gear. One would also think that the expensive purchase was done purely to inspire them to stay interested in their working out commitment. But sadly, one rarely last the race solely by looking the part.

There are also those who start off very aggressively in their training routine. They would hit the gym with fervour and can be seen training to near exhaustion. In fact their initial performance outburst would often be associated with a promising start. But again, their training intensity rarely last. How often have we seen these flashes in the pan fizzle out in the gym?  Consistency and frequency in training, is just as important as the intensity of activity.

Not to undermine the importance of training intensity. There are also gym rats who ‘posed’ more than they should be training. Their training hardly breaks off a sweat and over time when their routine does not yield them the results, they too would drop off. A measure of intensity is therefore necessary to achieving desired results. For without challenge or stress, one will cease to arrive at their checkpoints or milestones of life.

Putting the gym experience into perspective, the way to be truly free from Capricorn’s periodic effects and have lasting results in all of our endeavours, is really to have the commitment to consistently follow through the plans of action; and also making certain that the plans take into consideration the frequency and intensity of the activity as well.

But when is the best time to make a resolution for change?

If the example of the gym is anything to go by, then there is no better time than today. Why do we need to wait weeks or months for a special day a year when our ‘slate’ is automatically wipe clean? Every new day brings with it the same gift of starting over and the opportunity for greatness. So, do not let life pass us by and be dictated by the January Effects.
Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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