The world does no need
another guru!
Before you go Guru bashing, let us explain ourselves.

We make no claims of greatness, or pretence of knowing it all. Our own experience and know how comes from years of practice and refinement of our craft. Any individual given enough opportunity and time can also master any discipline that they put their heart into. And our only advantage is nothing more than a head-start over the uninitiated.

Our wish therefore, is to share our own knowledge and experience, wholeheartedly and unreservedly, to help jumpstart or speed up the selling career of willing individuals. And when all is learned and acquired, and our job is done…we only hope that many new “gurus” will emerge to pass on the torch.
Selling for Success
Sales like any other discipline can be mastered, all it takes is the understanding of the selling principles, applying a little creativity and injecting a healthy dose of practice through constant sales activities.

We aim to provide guidance in all these 3 areas to set you on your selling success!
Our Complimentary
Lifeline and Resource
Whether one sinks or floats greatly depend on his ability and sometimes survival aids available. We have devoted our resources to developing and providing helpful selling ideas, concepts, tools, motivation etc, which we hope will inspire your selling breakthrough, or perhaps lift you up from your selling trough.

If you have found our free resources useful, please feel free to share it with your friends and pay it forward.
Our Lifeline & Resource
Please feel free to download or share our complimentary resources if you find them useful.
What Our Client Say?
Percy is serious with his work and he has managed to turn my mediocre sales team into a highly productive sales force.
- Nora Ng,
Financial Services Manager, Prudential Assurence

Welcome to Asian Sales Guru

Asian Sales Guru (ASG) is dedicated to serving motivated individuals who aspire for career as well as personal greatness in the selling profession.

We aim to share more than just the selling know how or the path to career development. We want to influence a complete development both inwardly as well as outwardly and help individuals obtain money, love and respect and whatever their heart desires; through a wide range of topics and complimentary resources shared, we seek to shift paradigms and recalibrate inner bearings (ie. sincerity, commitment, conviction, courage, integrity etc) for permanent change.
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ASG’s Values Based Profiler for Identifying Sales Producers

For the longest time, organisations have been seeking quick, simple to use, yet effective tools/solutions to identifying individuals (ie. Sales producers) with the ‘right’ success qualities to bring onboard. With the escalating recruitment and training cost, it has also become imperative for them to only focus on investing in suitable candidates. Furthermore, commercial organisations are just not interested in developing candidates qualities (ie. character and values), outside of their industry scope. They are only looking for readymade solutions and their interest are purely commercial. 



Where is our local Financial Advisory Industry heading?

With a career spending over 18years in the Financial Advisory Services(FAS) Industry, and working very closely with Financial Adviser Representatives (FAR) in Singapore, no question gets asked more often than “what ASG sees in the future of the FAS Industry?”
Rather than gazing into the crystal ball to predict, ASG have always relied on our past, as the best predicted of our future.


Automating Financial Advisory Services with Artificial Intelligence

With considerable experience dealing in Sales Compliance and Training & Competence (T&C) projects with local Financial Advisory Services firm, ASG have observed a chilling reality. It is possible to automate a great deal of the Financial Advisory services and processes with “artificial intelligence”.