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Developing Sales Champions: Combining Drills & Coaching

By Percy Chong, 15th October 2015

There are arsenals of training methodologies that a sales manager can employ to bring out the best in the sales consultants.

Training, lecturing, role-playing, coaching, consulting, counseling and drilling etc, are but some of the myriad of approaches that people developer could use to shape their sales consultant to achieve the desired qualities for sales breakthrough.

Drills are less talk about in sales consultant’s development. What are drills and what does it entail?

Drills essentially develop habits and mental strength/toughness; but there is a distinct difference between the work a drill master would do and what a coach would engage in.

Not enough emphasis has been said about how routine and “boring” the selling profession or the sales process really is. Most if not all sales appointments/presentations with prospects always ends up with the sales consultant saying the same spiel. The repetition of the sales process/approach actually makes it important to drill all sales consultants the standard sales scripts and protocols, until it becomes second nature to them.

But, in order to be great and breakthrough from their current self and unlock their fullest potential; it will require the sales consultant to have another level in their state of mind. It is beyond drills, but more into the mentality…it’s about crossing over into a state of possibilities and unlimited potential. And that is the domain of the coach and majority of sales consultants needs a coach to help facilitate this happening.

For the rare few who are gifted to cross over by their own effort or device, the importance of routines and habits brought on by drills cannot be ignored as well.

So when combined, drills and coaching will provide the mental toughness, the stability and sense of confidence that is essential for the basis to leap into the dimension of unlimited possibilities to eventually become a sales champion!

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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