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The Right Perspective to Networking 

By Percy Chong, 17th September 2015

What is networking? Has it been reduced to just simply a business card collection exercise, or simply an excuse for making new acquaintances, exchange pleasantries over appetising finger food?

Over the years, ASG has noticed that networking has taken a turn for “mindless”, “hi-bye” acquaintance making, rather than meaningful relationship building. Connecting or linking up with only individuals who can offer benefits or value add unilaterally. The whole practice is becoming a farce, propagating a “making use” principle throughout the entire engagement.

True networking or relationship building requires a good deal of investment of time and effort. Not just in receiving, but also in giving that the network will thrive. It involves genuine sharing, promoting, participating, giving and nurturing of likeminded individuals; and the advent of the social media has allow everyone to find and join an interactive community so that they may genuinely participate.

These platforms are used to discuss work, the development of specific industries, sharing of ideas/feedback and how the environment in general, can be a better place. The smallest insights could spark into the most meaningful conversation that enliven progress and possibly forge lasting connections.

But the right perspective to networking isn’t about the social media platform or any other medium, but the spirit behind any of these platforms. The spirit of networking lies in a sharing community where participants want to see you succeed, and you would also want to see others become successful. The spirit will lift up genuine participants to serve and be served. And the abundance mentality would fuel wholesome progress and development, and give the community a life of its own.

Start researching on suitable networking platforms and Chapters. Identify circles where members hold similar values, and commit yourself to as much giving as you intend to receive. Look beyond associating with likeminded individuals and welcome diversity to cross pollinate ideas or the highlighting of your blind spots.

Finally, “if you scratch with turkeys, you cannot possibly soar with eagles.”

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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