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Why our motivation only last so long?

By Percy Chong, 23rd July 2015

Having conducted numerous “motivational” sessions for salespersons, one common scene always appear…why majority of the participants continually need to be recharged or received their quick fixes again and again and again, before they can press on with their personal objective?

It almost seems that their “motivation” has fizzled out after a couple of months and regular pit stops are necessary to re-fuel them for their arduous journey.

But with genuine responsibilities and commitment to deliver, why the need for continuous motivation?

ASG have often wondered why does a salesperson continually need to be motivated when he has real responsibilities and commitment at home or his workplace, which requires “successful” completion. And whatever happened to maturity and personal responsibility, or determination to see these tasks though?

On deeper inspection, ASG noticed the crux of the situation has nothing to do with one’s maturity or responsibilities, or determination, but plenty with one’s character and values not being aligned with the pursuit of one’s objective. If this sounds too arcane, that’s because it is! The observation that we are suggesting is just too abstract for most to wrap their minds around it.

Most individuals are stuck in the mindset of only “wanting” success, or “wanting” to hit their targets. Their desires are mostly superficial, constantly revolving around their wish and want, never real and rarely achieving fruition. And it’s all because they are not emotionally engage with their desire for it to come alive! All personal goals/objectives merely appear as fleeting idea that excites, but never sustained.

They have not begin to realised that their values and character needs to rally behind them to provide the strength and fuel, necessary to arrive at their goals. So the absence of emotional engagement means their pillar of strength ie. Resilience, commitment, integrity, discipline, passion etc, will unlikely manifest or worse, make a half-hearted appearance. These individuals will constantly be challenged and distracted, and therefore requires constant motivation to excite, remind or anchor them to their targets.

At the other end of the spectrum, sales champions who are engage with their goals emotionally, will never run on empty or lose sight of their goals. Their unrelenting focus draws strength from their character and values, constantly providing them their sustenance and “inner” motivation. They will not need any external stimuli or reminder to motivate them towards their goals.

Success(and lasting motivation) therefore is a result that comes from the desire of our heart and not from an idea of our head.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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