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What do Bounty Hunters have in common with Sales Folks?

By Percy Chong, 9th July 2015

ASG recent came across an interview done on 17 May 2011, by titled, “Why bounty hunters catch more fugitives than police”.

Intrigue by the heading, ASG decided to explore the underbelly of US Criminal Justice system. In the interview, a successful bounty hunter shared his experiences and observations about the industry. But what made it noteworthy for ASG to devote an article to share, is the bounty hunter isn’t too different from sales folks. Both only get paid, when they bring in the results! 

So the bounty hunter only gets his rewards for bringing the fugitive to back to court. And they do it surprisingly more successfully than law enforcement officers. They have a 97% success rates in delivering fugitives, almost 50% more than the police force.

Why are bounty hunters more effective in catching fugitives than the police force?

The police force is not necessarily slacking off, because apart from catching fugitives, they also have a lot of other law enforcement duties. But the main difference for the effectiveness of the bounty hunter over the police boils down to the incentives.

We know that the policeman get paid their salary regardless of whether they rounds up a fugitive or not. But not the bounty hunters, so that makes them a lot leaner and hungrier.

And it is precisely in the incentives that drive salespersons or bounty hunters alike, to wake up early and end their days late. If a salesperson that is not excited about the incentives or want it bad enough, is really in the wrong profession; or he could even be being under the wrong compensation structure. Some could be been better off being paid like regular policemen, with a stable income.

In the end, the fundamental driver for sales and many other professions’s performance, really lies with the incentive. If the incentive is attractive enough, you can rest assured that there will be more than a few good men to take up the task…even one as challenging as hauling fugitives to court!

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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