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Our lives, who we are and what becomes of us is often shaped by our experiences. The experiences that leave the deepest and most lasting impression are usually the ones that will define our lives. These defining moments are not bias or partial with only the positive or negative experiences. It adopts our assessment we make, when we qualify these experiences, and it will lend its weight and strength behind us (or inside of us), to affirm us and steer us towards our actions…good or bad.

One could even say that these sacrosanct experiences are the key ingredients that make up our principles and philosophy…our belief system.

How does the defining moment influence your success in a selling career?

We probably have witness how traumatic experiences can “damage” or affect the future of promising individuals. In the same vein, positive or positively accepted experiences can provide the trigger to propel you to sales greatness.

Many trainers, coaches and paradigm shifters have long developed successful individuals under “simulated” environment. The intention is to allow the willing individuals the opportunity to create defining moments while avoiding pitfalls. These closely monitored experiences will also allow the coaches/paradigm shifters to intervene early, should they noticed that the would-be sales champion have interpreted the experiences negatively and are setting themselves up for a fall.
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