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Bite-size Targets for Cumulative Achievements

By Percy Chong, 20th May 2015

At the start of every financial year, the announcement of new sales targets never fails to elicit some excitement or trepidation in the salespersons. In the course of the year, many will be holding their breath as they inch closer to it; and yet, many sales producers are still able to deliver to these seemingly impossible targets by year end.

This daunting feeling when faced with huge sales targets, or simply being lost and not knowing where to start, is not exclusive to new or struggling salesperson, but the top sales producers as well. Not just confine to sales targets, this feeling of being overwhelmed and paralysed into inactivity, is also common experience when one is swarmed with tasks or workloads!

So the challenge at hand isn’t about the targets, but the vastness of the task at hand and how this perception, can render one immobile.

ASG has observed that after the initial “shock” has wore off, sales producers seems to have a knack for breaking down their targets into bite-size for better management; or perhaps, it’s the ability to “fooled” their minds into focusing only on the tasks or activities (instead of results), to make their sales targets more achievable.

With their focus directed at delivering the right set of activities, approaches or strategies at various selling stage, the sales producers are able to cut out all distractions and anxieties from their huge undertaking. They are able to convert their production targets into behavioural targets where it is easier to track, monitor and deliver (ie. through employing CRM softwares or Activity Management System).

The other quality that the sales producer embodies is their ability to “just doing it” and getting things done. However, it is not just about blindly doing it, but doing the first thing first! They have the uncanny ability to look beyond the targets, process what is required to deliver the results; prioritising and executing only the most important task first, to meet their goals. Again, it would be foolhardy, even for sales producers to bite on more than they can chew. Prioritising of task simply allows them to drill down to the critical task and not be overwhelmed, and lose themselves in the magnitude of task and sales numbers.

So the next time you are faced with daunting targets, remember to convert them into bite-size activities and focus on delivering them according to their order of importance, to achieve the desired sales results.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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