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Why having more Sales Tools will not guarantee Results?

By Percy Chong, 16th April 2015

How often have we heard companies investing millions in developing or buying tools (ie. sales kits, presentation collaterals, checklist & tracking software etc) in the hope of bringing in more sales for the organisation?

Are all these tools to be considered ineffective, if the level of sales uplift is not significant with its introduction? And can the resources be better deployed to achieve the desire efficacy for such tools?

These are sobering questions that confront many sales heads in most organisations, and it is easy for any organisation to put the blame on the sales tools when results are less than wanting. But ASG is of the opinion that this “bogeyman” is not entirely to be blamed. In fact, we felt that not enough credits, as well as emphasis have been placed in its application (instead of just its purchase & development), to promote and encourage its traction. We believe that the tool’s appreciation and adoption strategies are the main culprits for most of the introduction’s failures.

Even as we discussed the importance of the roll-out and “buy-in” bring crucial for any tool’s success, it is in the daily practice and application of these well-developed tools that will win over “fans” and eventually yield increase efficiency and results, through more prolific use. And during the initial introduction phase, the “buy-in” secured are at best, on a superficial level only. It is common for salespersons to be trapped by their initial prejudice that the new tool will equate to additional administrative duties, or worse, take away precious time from closing more sales; Or it may even be viewed as another Management initiatives that an eager Executive have rolled out to prove his salts.

So the real obstacle behind the proliferation of any tools lies with the practitioner’s ability to realise the effectiveness and benefits that it brings to their work. This “eureka” moment will usher in genuine appreciation and adoption of the tool into their sales repertoire. And this is the point where the real “buy-in” begins!

Consideration will have to be made to develop a plan of action that goes beyond the launch of any tools, to also include the driving, execution and monitoring process every step of the way. Organisation with the full weight behind the implementation will see a greater chance for the introduction to be a success. And many success stories have seen organisation supporting their implementation, with the formation of working committee and supporting structures, championing these initiatives.

With all the right measures in place (ie. the opportunity to use, reflect and realise), the salesperson will have a good shot of arriving at his “eureka” moment with the fullness of time.

Tools alone simply cannot be positioned as a panacea that will fix all sales ills. A well conceived and properly executed, and driven implementation strategy is a more likely bet, to guaranteeing the results that every organisation seeks.

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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