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About The Founder

Hi, my name is Percy Chong and I am 48. I consider myself a very blessed man, living a very blissful life in sunny and peaceful Singapore. I am married to an understanding and supportive wife, who also gave me 3 lovely children. And I am surrounded by many loyal friends, who are always there for me.

My Story

Not long back, I found myself in a career crossroad. After building a decent career in Sales, Training and Service Quality profession for 23 years, the Financial Institution that I worked for announced downsizing.
What was truly baffling for my family and friends to understand was, with only 2 person in the entire business unit that the company wished to keep, why did I turned down my precious offer to be reassign?
Till this day, I don’t really have a clear answer. It could be ego, or me just wanting a change in scenery, I can’t tell for certain. But the urge to come out and start a business venture has some influence over my decision.
So at the age of 40, I started a new chapter in my life.
On the personal front, nothing has changed. I am still an early riser; I am still hitting the gym and the swimming pool every weekday at 5am (and I am proud to share that my routine has entered the fourth year now). And I am still fetching my wife to work and also monitoring my kid’s progress in their schoolwork…very much the same duties that a regular father and husband would participate in.
Not to bore you with trivia details, it is probably these little scenes of my life (ie. my son running excitedly to show me a hilarious video he has found on the youtube and sharing a good laugh, both father and son) that brings the most joy and completeness to me.
And what is to happen to my new career and business venture?
With the blessing on many of my loyal “trainees” or “coachees” who I have trained and coached, and eventually befriended. They have since become the main source of my business activities.
Remembering how it all started…I used to bring work home. And how does a trainer bring work home?
The trainer basically invites his trainees to join him at the comforts of his home after office hours. He would even share his dinner with his guest and whip out his children’s drawing easel and begin his night tutorials. And this happen for many nights…looking back, I am so glad that I opened my home and my heart to my trainees. My simple actions have brought me multitude of rewards:
  • I improved in my craft because of the tremendous amount of practice;
  • I fostered great friendship and trust with my trainess and today, they have become my clients;
  • I experienced great joy and fulfilment when many of them achieve great sales breakthrough and acknowledge that I played a small part in their success;
  • I was recognised for my efforts by the company and bosses, and was nominated for the employee of the year in 2007; I have also received a good number of promotions, special retention bonuses awarded to outstanding employee and a string of other career advancement along the way;
  • And I have a wonderful roadmap for success from this experience that encourages me to give unreservedly, and the rest will take care of itself.
So this is my story, and it tells of a simple man on a mission of giving. The Asian Sales Guru (ASG) theme if you haven’t noticed revolves around that.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope to be able to meet you in person soon.
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