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Our Brand Story

Nothing comes close to expressing our values, vision and mission quite like our brand story. We would like share the insights to our story and we hope it will resonate in you too!

About Our "Asian Sales Guru" Brand

With the shift in the global dynamics, the practices and philosophies of the east has been gaining prominence with the rest of the world, not just as noteworthy catchphrases, but as a yardstick in many commercial as well as cultural aspects.
As “Asians”, we therefore, would like to champion these values and bring them out for all to share.
And as active selling professionals who have trained, guided and mentored many successful sales professional, we have unabashedly taken on the moniker of the “Sales Guru”. With such a bold proclamation, we will let our actions and works speak for itself. And we are hopeful that our audience will confer us the “Sales Guru” title, if we truly deserve it!

Red, Black & White

The subject matter of sales has always been close to our heart. And the colour “red” was adapted to represent our “Asian Sales” brand because none could come closer to conveying the passion and emotions that we feel for this science and the selling profession.
And few can deny that in any successful selling repertoire, results are rarely achieved in the absence of emotions in the presentation. Nonetheless, we seek to dispel long associated myth that sales is all about raw emotions…or, it’s about the abstract qualities (ie. gift of the gab) reserved for the gifted few.
We aim to introduce objectivity, clarity and repeatability to the selling art; we aim to separate the “black” from the “white”.
Our background was deliberately cast in “black” to remind us of the wayward world that we live in. None more prevalent than in the selling profession where shady practices sometimes takes centre-stage over good old fashion sensibility and skills.
We as “Gurus” therefore wish to uphold the right and principled way; hence, we have chosen to dress ourselves in “white”, as a symbol of purity. True to our calling, we have taken bold steps to reveal and share all of our knowledge and experience freely (under our Resource/Lifeline tab), we are confident that many motivated individuals can make it in the selling profession.
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