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Calibrating Your Values for Success

By Percy Chong, 24th July 2014

Below is a diagram with a ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ arrow heading straight to the target. Which arrow do you think will have a better chance of hitting the bulls-eye?

The dominant arrows represent us (YOU and me), moving forward towards our direction in life. While the target board simply represents the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves. What is amazing with this illustration is no matter how many times or to whomever we presented this scenario to, the answer is always the same, the ‘Blue’ arrow!

Such is the mighty influence of these minuscule arrows, to be able to exert its own force and bring even the biggest of dominant arrows off course!

After posing this question to astute individuals, we also follow-up by asking how this scenario relates to their own lives…and again, the answers are amazingly similar, the unpreparedness or distractions of one’s live are often the same culprit…the ‘white’ arrows.

Let us qualify further what exactly are these ‘white’ arrows and what they constitute as. Each arrows can be represented as our:
  1. Skills;
  2. Knowledge;
  3. Attitude/Values.

Few can deny that the lack of the right skills and knowledge can be a big disadvantage when one is pursuing his dreams. Right skills and knowledge is therefore represented as ‘straight’ arrows pointing forward. They have been guided, trained and stretched to perfection. While the ‘uninitiated’ arrows are misguided and pointing at all the wrong directions. It signifies the lack of knowhow and the even the ability to recognize right from wrong.

But perhaps the greatest source of internal strength, have to come from our attitude /values. Imagine each little ‘white’ arrow representing an attitude trait, example sincerity, passion, commitment, integrity, courage etc. What a force to be reckon with, if they are all aligned and pointing at true north!

We know by experience that right attitudes will pull us through any challenges that we faced. It is the lack of commitment to our cause, or the lack of courage or even passion, that will cause our dreams or set goals to dive into oblivion.

And it’s only through the daily practice and devotion to these values that we begin to straighten our inner arrows and our backbone, until others can come to recognized our character. Our character is therefore, all these individual qualities coming together for our unified purpose.

Even our pursued for greater skills and knowledge is idle talk without a well anchored commitment or values to see it through. That is the immense power that the right set of values carry. However, the path is always fraught with difficulties. So many dreams or goals lay buried in the graveyard of dreams, because in tough times, many will choose to flee rather to fight. Yet, everyday, evermore people choose to join the ranks of dreamers (and take the shape of the dominant Red arrow) rather than take up ‘arms’ to fight for their own future! This is a sobering reminder of what it takes to become…GREAT!

So what is the right mixed or formula of ‘white’ arrows that will lead you to your bulls-eye…

“It is the Right Skills+ Right Knowledge+ Right Attitude/Values+ Right Opportunity(that always comes along the way) = SUCCESS!

Every one understands what it takes to succeed, but few will do what it takes. We challenge you walk out of yourself and dress your inner self in new attitude and walk the talk!

Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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