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Selling AID to Secure Attention 

The first step of the selling process almost always starts with securing the prospect’s attention. It does not matter if you have the best products and services ever developed, nothing happens until you have captured the prospect’s attention to listen to your pitch.

How do you begin to capture the prospect’s attention?

Here is a crude example to illustrate the point. The attractive male or female sales person tends to attract more attention than the average one when prospecting for sales. Needless to say, a sexily dressed female sales person would also be able to attract quite a bit of admiring stares as well as the opportunity to strike a conversation.  (Please note that Asian Sales Guru does not prescribe to such teachings, but only chose to use the example to illustrate a point.)

So, what follows after the attention is secured is the opportunity to get the conversation or the pitch going.

Here are some key areas that you can consider enhancing to secure your prospect’s attention:

Face-to-face Approach
  • Appearance/Demeanor;
  • Eye-contact;
  • Confident/Poise;
  • Market (ie. prospecting in a market that appreciates your 'brand' will tend to yield greater results)
Telephone Approach
  • Voice Quality (ie. tone & pitch);
  • Manners/Courtesy/Politeness;
  • Personality/Phone Persona (ie. lively, enthusiastic etc)
  • Confidence (ie. attributed to the preparedness in both the development and delivery of scripts)
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