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Igniting Your Selling Inertia for Performance Breakthrough

By Percy Chong, 1st December 2013

What really stands between every sales person and his sales success?

It is widely acknowledge that having enough of the right sales activities would invariably bring the sales person to his desired sales results. With so much knowledge or understanding wrap around this universally accepted principle, why then, are there so many sales persons still plagued with the inabilities or inconsistencies of driving these crucial activities…

Clearly, having a strong motivation or desire, would help create the inertia required to see the sales person through his task and targets. Sadly, motivation is not a commodity that is “readily” available corner drug store, where one can simply pop 2 pills and be fired up for thousands of hours. And even if you have been recently charged up by great motivational speakers, it will not be long before the waning effects of the propellant, leaves you longing for more.

Therefore, a more lasting solution will need to be considered to address this perennial challenge. The solutions may be simplistically summed up as:
  1. The Internal Stimuli
  2. The External Stimuli
1.       Internal Stimuli

We have already touched on the internal stimuli earlier, this internal source of energy or motivation is propelled by our values, our commitment, our purpose and desires! Sales persons who are found wanting in this area, have often been recognised as, not having enough clarity, or even the absence of their vision/mission and their end goals. And sometimes, it could even be attributed to the monotones, or the burdens of the “daily grinds”, which bring about distraction or the dip in their motivation level.

With so much resting on the individual’s shoulders, perhaps it’s time to consider seeking some “external” help, to get them to their desired end goal.

2.       External Stimuli

The most common and important external stimuli have got to be the sales supervisor, manager, coach, or sales leader. They need to be fair, firm and focus at directing the sales person to arrive at the desired sales targets. Their presence essentially replaces the absent internal stimuli of some sales person, to bring about consistent activities and results. The effectiveness of their role is especially evident in the personal training field, where the personal trainers acting as external stimuli, almost always yield better results when compared with those training without them.

In the Asian context, none come closer than the “tiger” mums in espousing the critical role an external influence may inject to success. Feared or revered, few can deny the impact these “tiger’ mums bring to their child’s potential. And it is through observing their relentless drive to stretching their charged, that we begin to also learn more about the sacrifices that has to take place, not just for the “tiger” mums, but anyone who is otherwise, playing the thankless and unenviable “driving” or execution role.

Outside of human intervention, external stimuli may also come in the form of a system, process, a tool or structure.  The rigidity behind the structure will “force” the sales person who practices it, to build consistency and develop accountability for the establishment. It serves to keep the sales person within the tracks or boundaries of the chosen platform. Large Corporation have long benefitted from having developed processes, to drive activities. These checks and balances offer objectivity to the “unreliable” emotions, or mood swings of the staff, that can happen from time to time. In a way, it looks beyond these “white” noise and focus entirely on securing the intended results.

In the end, it does not really matter whether it is a person, or a process that is involved (as external stimuli) in boosting the sales person’s selling inertia. With enough time invested in practicing it, both offers the sales person equal opportunity to align his values, and perhaps develop his maturity and strength for greater self-sufficiency (ie. Self-motivation).
So, before you are quick to dismissed the significance of the having external help (ie. Tools, process or coaches), appreciate the benefits of stability and assurance that they bring, to building your sales activities, and ultimately selling success!
Remember, activity and constant practice, is the primer for learning and development. Do not let your lack of motivation deny you the joys of learning.
Article contributed by Percy Chong (through Asian Sales Guru)
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