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The vast majority of individuals are faced with the constant challenge of finding their dream career. Few really achieved it dead centre, and many more still haven’t found what they are “looking” for.

Many have confessed stumbling into jobs, simply by the process of “elimination”. Although they don’t necessarily know what they want to do, they do know what they don’t want…and some spend a whole lifetime searching through trials and errors. These human “trials” are unproductive and extremely frustrating for uneventful the dream hunters. And for those who are fortunate to have known or have found their calling, their real career will only start to take shape.

So how do we mitigate this unproductive journey?

Job matching and career counseling are already practiced by HR practitioners and been found effective at improving job turnover. However, it is only one part of the equation. Correct introduction to the job, is equally important to sustain the candidate’s interest as well as develop a real passion for the role.
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